Student Projects

We are hiring HiWi, BSc and MSc students

We are looking for talented students at every stage of their academic career. The experimental base available at the Cluster of Excellence livMatS enables us to offer research projects ranging from the assessment of fatigue behavior in mechanical metamaterials to the design of bioinspired wheels. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Here you can find the leaflet of our laboratory.

List of projects

1. Mechanical metamaterials with programmable stiffness (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
2. Fatigue in energy-harvesting mechanical metamaterials (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
3. Mechanical metamaterials to perform logical computations (HiWi, MSc)
4. Propagation of elastic signal in 2.5D mechanical metamaterials* (MSc)
5. Magnetic interaction in Physics Engines for metamaterials and self-assembling systems* (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
6. How do permanent magnets collide? (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
7. Indirect measurement of the effective mechanical properties for deformable materials (HiWi)
8. Limitations of various 3D printing techniques* (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
9. Characterization of soft digital materials for Polyjet 3D-printing* (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
10. Tessellated reconfigurable elastic metamaterial for vibration control (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
11. Inflatable scales for snake robot locomotion (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
12. Bioinspired 3D printed wheel with a variable friction coefficient (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
13. Interlocking metamaterials and their application for 3D structures (HiWi, BSc, MSc)
14. Achieving the symmetry of properties in the bioinspired composites (HiWi, BSc)