3D printers

Creality LD-002R (SLA)

Creality CR-10v2 PRO (FDM)

Creality 3DPrintMill belt printer

Elastic and acoustic waves measurement

Modal shaker SmartShaker K2007E01

ICP accelerometers and microphones

NI DAQ board NI-4331

Laser cutter Maitech 7050

Working area: 700×500 mm

Laser power: 100 W

Universal Testing Machine

Zwick&Roell testing machine

Load cells: 10kN, 500N

Tension, compression, 3-point bending fixtures

Dispensing system for DIW

DC 1200 series metering unit

2-6 bar output, manual and automatic control

Shared equipment

Multi-material 3D printer

Stratasys Connex 260-3

Universal testing machines

Hegewald & Peschke (up to 5kN)

Electroforce 3510


High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster

bwForCluster NEMO

and many more…