PhD and PostDoc

One-year PhD/postdoc positions (available immediately 01.09.2022)

MetaLab Research Group (Cluster of Excellence livMatS, UniFreiburg, Germany), in close collaboration with DREAM Structures Lab (LIMC2 center, Penn State, USA), is looking for a highly-skilled candidate to join 1-year research project devoted to the development of Multi-Agent Friction-Driven Reconfigurable Adaptive Structures. The research duties include reviewing various approaches enabling friction-driven joints controlled by non-mechanical stimuli. We will fabricate such joints at different length scales (from macro to micro) and incorporate them into 2D systems. Through the activation/deactivation of selected hinges controlled either by a centralized or distributed system to achieve a wide variety of resulting shapes and properties for the system. The project will include the fabrication, characterization, and analysis of such active joints and systems. Candidates with a background in mechanical engineering, materials science, or similar fields are welcome to apply.

Current funding is limited for one year (TVL 13/14 scale), possible extension will require acquiring new funding. We believe this project is well suited for students currently pursuing or recently finished their PhD degree in the EU. We provide an opportunity to work on a highly-collaborative project that will improve your research portfolio.

Please contact me directly via to submit your CV with academic transcripts or inquire about project details. Note that due to the project’s timeline, you should be available for an almost immediate hiring and relocation to Freiburg, Germany.  

More detailed information about my research group and The Cluster of Excellence can be found here.

We are always looking for highly motivated researchers who would like to raise their own project within livMatS. The following organizations provide information on funding opportunities: German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. We can assist you in writing your proposal to join our research group.